FAT ANT Bushings has come along way since I decided to take it on.

I started making Bushings because I was tired of the crap you got with your standard trucks........being a rider myself I was looking for a certain product but could not find it on the market...so I decided to make them myself. 4 Years of R&D...lots of money, crashing and flops eventually found the stuff that I was happy to put my name on......and so FAT ANT was born.

......Urethane is a volatile product to work with and I pride myself on consistency.....a lot of guys carve, free ride and race these Bushings and I have only heard awesome feedback....they are used in all downhill craft: Stand-up/Luge and Buttboard.

I am also involved with Project Skateboards........


so being hands on and riding what you produce is kind of where I come from......if it feels right...it probably is....I love my product and it is going to go a long way.

There is a lot of interest Internationally as well. FAT ANT Bushing are now available in over 16 countries, from Europe to South America, Africa and the East.

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I am currently working on a wider range of styles, so in the future will have a bigger range and much more shapes.

I want to take over the world...!!!!! ha ha ha

Most stock skate bushings are an afterthought. Designed to be cheap and get the basic job done. FAT ANT Bushings have gone to the next level and are offering high quality bushings made of select high rebound urethane.

So go get FAT ANT Bushings and feel the ride....viva la plank


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